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Vote Quadrant is a solution created to affect change within the criminal justice system, at the local level, by voting solely on the issue of ending police brutality. A recommendation for strategic voting. Vote Quadrant is a system that teaches us how to vote strategically to end police brutality. It’s not enough to say vote, but it’s important to know how to vote.

The Quadrant, focuses on four municipal offices: mayor, district attorney, police chief, and judges. (Since the police chief is typically appointed rather than elected, your focus extends to whoever appoints them — generally the mayor or city/county manager.) 

That is where criminal justice reform begins; that is where we must exercise our power. Granted, it’s all too easy to say “vote strategically” without providing the tools and resources to make it a reality.

So it’s time to do just that.

Join Us in The Fight to End Police Brutality!